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Money Tree
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Product Description

The Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree will send wishes for good fortune and positive outcomes to your special recipient. This lush tree has been growing for 10 years with a beautiful braided trunk to grant luck and serenity with its exceptional style. This Good Luck Tree is a token of good luck and is rumored to bring you wealth, good fortune, and overall success. It is a popular choice in offices and homes due to the fact that is incredibly low maintenance. Its most often used name, Money Tree, refers to a story where a poor man prayed for good fortune, found a money tree, brought it home, and then became enormously wealthy by selling the plants he grew from its seed. A classic houseplant that is perfect for the home or office. The Money Tree thrives in low light conditions and will flourish indoors for years. This easy-care houseplant can be trained to stay small based on the size of the container in which it is grown. * Money tree grows well in bright indirect sunlight * Use a sandy soil that allows for proper drainage. * Keep your Money Tree plant in a pot with holes to allow for drainage. * Water once every two to three weeks, but water until excess water drains from the holes in the pot. Then, dump any excess water out of the tray. * Fertilizing once or twice a year is all that is necessary. * Your Money Tree prefers humid areas with indirect sunlight.

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